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Floods, plumbing disasters, leaks, septic backflow – there’s no end to the way water can damage your home or place of business. With Burbank Emergency Flood Team you can trust us to get rid of pooling water, dry out places with lurking moisture, restore water-damaged elements, sanitize and deodorize before we’re done.

Our teams are mobile and ready to respond to your water damage emergency no matter the time or day it occurs. Unfortunately floods don’t follow business hours and neither to we.

Call Burbank Emergency Flood Team anytime to receive service from our 24/7 on-call emergency response team. Water Damage – it’s in our name! (818) 306-5549

High-tech Drying technology

  • Industrial designed dehumidifiers to pull mold harboring moisture columns from walls and interiors
  • High-speed blowers wick away water pools inside carpet, upholstery or furniture.
  • Advanced water removal techniques that blow our competitors out of the water…no pun intended.

Water Removal Equipment

  • Infrared camera assisted location of inner wall damages and moisture.
  • Hygrometric and moisture measuring devices o assess presence of structurally compromising water damage.
  • Truck mounted, high powered water extraction pumps allow us to capture every bit of bacteria harboring water on your property
  • Workhorse sump pumps let us remove even high-water damage in basements or flood situations.

Mold Disinfection, Bacterial Sterilization

Nothing is worse than discovering a growing mold infestation inside your home or commercial office. The growth of certain molds can not only be unpleasant but hazardous to you and your family’s health if left unchecked. Burbank Emergency Flood Team’s certified mold removal teams will have these colonies dried up in no time with our sterilization technologies.

  • Environmentally safe but mold destroying sanitation products
  • Property wide detoxification if necessary
  • Odor removal and stain mitigation

When it seems like no amount of paper towels can solve your water damage crisis, call your professional friends at Burbank Emergency Flood Team. We’ll help you navigate the floods and get back to normal life quicker than anyone else.

Call (818) 306-5549 today for 24/7 emergency services or an estimate on your Emergency Flood Team Burbank job.

Emergency Flood Team Burbank

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